Trip update #4: Meeting with the Norwegian Nobel Institute’s Geir Lundestad

On Friday we met with Geir Lundestad, a longtime supporter of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum (the photo below was taken during his address at the 2011 forum at Luther College in Decorah, IA). Geir is currently Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo and has served as Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 1990. See his full bio on the leadership page.

Geir’s boundless enthusiasm for the Nobel Peace Prize Forum always makes for an interesting conversation, and our visit this week was no exception. Highlights included:

  • Assessing how the children’s Peace Prize Festival could integrate more deeply with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum.
  • His support for our expanded digital presence through a new website, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as the increased use of technology at forum events.
  • A great discussion of “how is peace good for business” and engaging business-specific audiences, such as MBA students and business leaders.
  • Reflections on the “the difficult nature of peacemaking” and the instructive stories that American, Norwegian, and other peacemakers have to tell about efforts that may have fallen short of expectations.
  • A great question: “Does peace research bring peace?”


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