PhD Student Aces the Essay

Prof. Christine Ingebritsen, Director of the Center for West European Studies, just can’t rest when it comes to studying and teaching about the role of Scandinavian countries in international policy.  So it came as no surprise when she launched an essay contest regarding the meaning of the Nobel Peace Prize to modern Norway.  The winning essayist received the benefit of learning and also the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis for the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. 
Maren Anderson Johnson, winner of the 2012 contest, is a Ph.D student in Scandinavian Language and Literature at the University of Washington, where she also earned her M.A. in the same field. Her research examines how contemporary Norwegian literature informs national identity.
Maren has this to say about her motivation for writing on this topic: 
Being a student of Norwegian language, literature and culture, the Nobel Peace Prize has always been of great interest to me because of the significance the Prize holds on the global stage. Each December provides Norway with a moment to promote its agenda in the world whether it be ecological protection, nuclear proliferation and peace processes. In turn, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum is a unique opportunity to continue the important conversations started in Oslo through an engaging, educational forum.

Click here to read Maren’s essay- Setting the Agenda: Exporting Norwegian Norms through the Nobel Peace Prize


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