“The Nobel Peace Prize Forum Has Inspired Me!” by Derek Le, Intern

My volunteering with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum last year is probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Before the event, my only intention of volunteering is to help people as much as possible. But I was wrong. I gained something much beyond than that. During the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, I had an opportunity to meet and know more about Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. They had inspired me, widened my vision, and more importantly, gave me a motivation, which reinforced my whole life dream. I realized that each of us really can make a difference as long as we all do what we can and never give up. Now I believe Nobel Peace Prize Forum can inspire peacemaking. Therefore I’m excited for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Forum,especially when I’m an intern instead of a volunteer this time. The intern position will not only give me a chance to help people more than the limit of a volunteer, which I would love to, but also put me into a different angle and aspect to look at the event and lean new things from it which I wouldn’t be able to as a volunteer.

Derek Le
Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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