Eight Weeks, One Important Exhibit: The Nobel Peace Center

“They told me we wouldn’t be able to do it, so I immediately decided that we could.” Right away I liked her. She was talking about 2005, the first year that the Nobel Peace Center was in existence, and Bente Erichsen’s job was to figure out how to create a credible exhibit in the eight weeks between the time the Nobel Laureate was announced and the time the prize was actually awarded.

Not only did the Nobel Peace Center surmount that challenge, but it launched a deeply moving permanent exhibition and has since created dramatic videos of Nobel Peace Prize winners. Erichsen says that her job is communication, and it seems she’s pretty darn good at it.

Now, today’s question is, how can we bring a little taste of the Peace Center in Oslo to the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis? Something tells me that Erichsen will be able to figure that out too.

Maureen K. Reed, MD
Executive Director
Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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