Erik Kuross: Norwegians, Science, and Health

Hello all, my name is Erik Kuross and I am one of the Science and Health Day Interns for the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. This post will be a little background on myself, and how I was introduced to the NPPF.

First and foremost, I am a proud Norwegian American (not too surprising in Minnesota), but I am also a dual citizen of the United States and Norway. I was privileged enough to spend my summers in Norway visiting family and often times walked by the Nobel Institute in Oslo, which must have planted seeds of interest that I am now reaping. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2011 double majoring in Physiology and Biology Society & Environment. Since graduating I have been taking time off to gain some experience through volunteering at Amplatz Children’s Hospital and teaching an afterschool program through Mad Science of Minnesota. In the end I hope to be accepted to medical school, but I am excited that I get to participate in such an incredible endeavor along my path.

The way I became involved in the NPPF was almost complete happenstance. I was introduced to Maureen at the most recent Syttende Mai party, which is Norway’s independence day and a big deal to all Norwegians, by a friend of mine who volunteered for the NPPF last year. I briefly spoke to Maureen and she told me about the Forum and it sounded incredibly interesting. I looked up more about the NPPF online and decided it sounded like something I would love to get involved in. When I met with Maureen I was immediately captivated by her passion for peace and for the Forum. I hung on every word and was inspired just by our short talk! I needed no more convincing that participating in the NPPF would be an amazing experience and was lucky enough to get an internship.


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