Report: Live Interactive Session with Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies

Thank you everybody for attending the session this evening. I feel people found so much fun and inspiration in our peaceful discussion. I myself was enjoyed the discussion much more than I have expected (even though I had been expecting a lot!) I found so many precious, insightful opinions and comments not only from students in Nagasaki but also from participants in Minneapolis. I am so inspired that I feel I should start a group for discussions of peace just as we have talked today in the discussion!

I would like to thank Mr. Mark Tiedemann for having me engaged with this event, Mr. Jeff Rowdon for making this innovative discussion possible with your hard work, and Dr. Maureen Reed for giving me a chance to participate in the event!

Last but not least, if you are interested in Mr. Tiedemann’s workshop tomorrow (Saturday), it is happening in Foss Center 20B in Augsburg College. The title of the workshop is “Post-War Japan: The Creation of a New Identity from Ground Zero Up,” and you can read the details here: (NOTE: GLOBAL STUDIES DAY HAS SOLD OUT).

- Yuusuke Takenokuchi



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