Relationship Building: Katie Storlie, Intern

During my first month as a Nobel Peace Prize Forum Intern one of my main goals was to understand prior relationships to the K-12 Festival, and further which new relationships we would like to pursue. I have been astounded by how intertwined the community of professionals is who care about peace education. Minneapolis is a great hub for spreading peace education. There is great potential for this year’s K-12 festival with the minds we have on board. There is a huge amount of knowledge coming together with higher education faculty from Augsburg, past K-12 educators, current education students, and program developers to be a part of the planning process. When these planning sessions started I was blown away how all the conversations stay so centered around how we can best instill peace education into the students we are reaching in preparation and on the day of the festival. I am quickly learning how important these relationships are. When everyone involved in a project pulls their parts together the planning can go smoothly; while always keeping the ultimate goal of inspiring peace in the students that we reach. Becoming a part of these new relationships with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and specifically the K-12 festival has been a great experience thus far! 

And remember to save the date! The K-12 Festival will take place at Augsburg College on Friday, March 8. K-12 students and teachers are encouraged to attend. Email us for more information.

Katie Storlie
Student Intern 
Nobel Peace Prize Forum 

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