Peace Scholar Post: Yemissrach Melka

A Well Deserved Recognition

 On October 11, 2013, the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was given the Nobel Peace Prize for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons. OPCW has played and still plays an indispensable role in the fight against the illegal use of chemical weapons.

When I heard the announcement that OPCW had won the Nobel Peace Prize, I was pleasantly surprised. Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to OPCW showed the world that the work towards disarmament is tremendously vital for attaining peace. This organization has been successful in drawing attention to the inappropriate use of chemical weapons and truly deserved to be recognized.

The work of this organization might not have been highly apparent to many. However, the work of this organization has brought about successful results in the walk towards eradicating chemical weapons. As the director general of the organization, Ahmet Uzumcu mentioned, “We were aware that our work silently but surely was contributing to peace in the world.” The inappropriate use of chemical weapons in countries such as Syria has led to the killings of thousands, thus, the recognition of OPCW sends a message to governments leaders and officials of nations to adhere to international norms and stand against the illegal use of chemical weapons.

As noted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, disarmament figures prominently in Alfred Nobel’s Will. In honoring the will of Alfred Nobel and the exceptional work this organization continues to execute, as a peace scholar, I am highly pleased by this appointment.

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