Peace Scholar Post: Remembering July 22nd

This is part of a series of blog posts written by the 2012 Peace Scholars as they complete their summer program in Oslo, Norway. This post was written by Ingrid Pond from Augsburg College.

One year ago today [July 22nd] tragedy struck Norway with the massacre of seventy-seven people on the island of Utøya and in the city of Oslo. The students at the International Summer School came together today in a memorial ceremony to honor those who died during these events. The ceremony was put on by the student council of the ISS and included a minute of silence, student musical performances and a reading of a moving essay written by a student who from West Sahara who has been in Norway for the last year. She spoke about her sadness for the country and about the hope she has for people of all different nationalities to come together in order to promote peace and understanding, contrary to the beliefs of the Utøya perpetrator. It was very inspiring to see so many students from all over the world come together to support Norway on the one-year anniversary of this tragic event.

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