Peace Scholar Post: “Norwegian Nights: Inspiring Peace Making” by Mallory Schulte

To all scholars, it has become glaringly obvious that it never becomes dark in Norway in the summer. This unique aspect of our geographical location is quite bothersome for a group of students trying to adjust to a new time zone. Today, however, I discovered the magic of the Norwegian summer nights.

As a group, we were invited to the home of the renowned peace maker, Steinar Bryn for a barbecue. Gathered around the table are students from the United States and the Balkan States. We engaged in conversations about our day’s adventures, our education, our home country, and everything else.

When you are surrounded by individuals with such unique perspectives as well as intimate knowledge of wars you have studied in the classroom, the darkness cannot end your party. These sort of exchanges do not happen without the unique experience the Nobel Peace Prize Institute. And judging from what I heard tonight, peace making is inspired in the Norwegian summer nights.

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  1. My daughter, Cate, is participating in the Peace Scholar program as well. What an awesome experience this must be for all of you! Thanks for the glimpse into your experience.

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