Peace Scholar Post: “Asylum Seeker: A Better Life?” by Marie-Aimée Ntawukulityayo

Asylum Seeker: A Better Life?

“All those who need protection in Norway shall receive it. That is why the UDI gives every application for asylum careful consideration. This is what is called the asylum process. It is intended to ensure that all those who really need protection are allowed to stay, while those who do not need protection must leave Norway. “  -(UDI / The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration)

An Asylum Seeker: What does it mean or how important is the human aspect of an asylum seeker? I am not sure if everyone realizes the implications that come with being an asylum seeker. Before being an asylum seeker, most had a lives and took many risks, in most cases to escape their home countries. The first hope comes with having a safe place without having to worry about food, death or simply having the chance to go to school. Most people should rethink their privilege to live. Living is a basic right, yet so many people don’t have that basic right: they have the right to survive.

With asylum seekers comes the notion of protection. What is the criteria for a person to be considered in real need for protection? How is that measured? I believe that one cannot measure who really or does not need protection. I am basing my argument on the simple fact that when one decides to leave his home, people, family, husband, wife, kids not knowing what the future will bring, shows the desperate position the person is in while living his/her country. As human beings, we should understand that a mother or father would not leave his family behind spontaneously without thinking about the consequences. Yet, when people leave their country using dangerous paths, does one really believe that they are leaving because they do not need protection? Stating that asylum seekers’ cases will only be considered if protection is needed: is ridiculous. People are taking perilous roads to get to Western Europe, that clearly shows the protection that people need. I would advise people to see asylum seekers as human beings first and think like human beings while analyzing people’s cases and not function as machines.

Remember most people leave because it is the last solution for them!

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