Peace Scholar Post: All Things Norwegian.

This is part of a series of blog posts written by the 2014 Peace Scholars as they experience their summer program in Norway. This post was written by G.V. Suos from Luther College.

Time here at the International Summer School has flown by. I can’t believe that we’re already half-way through the ISS program. Beside classes, there are a variety of social events that students can participate in.

2Last week, one of the social events was a Norwegian Cultural Evening – it was definitely the highlight of my week. Here at ISS, besides taking the Peace Seminar as a Peace Scholar, I also take International Politics and a Norwegian Life and Society class. The latter is quite interesting, as we have covered many topics ranging from Norwegian music to religion. There was a Norwegian cultural evening recently and it got me thinking about famous Norwegians.

It is interesting to note that there are only two Norwegians who have won Nobel Peace Prize so far: Christian Lange (1921) and Fridtjof Nansen (1922). Lange had spent most of his life working as the secretary general of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and he was also the first secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. On the other hand, Nansen is known to be a national hero for Norwegians. He was a humanitarian who is known for his extensive travels and world-wide efforts. Nansen has inspired me to do what I love: to help people in need as much as possible and to never lose hope. He is well known internationally for his famous quote: “The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer”.

1Besides this social event, this weekend is the long weekend break. There are many people, including myself, planning on traveling within this region of the world. I’m planning on visiting Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland, and I will have a quote from Dr. William Foege, who I saw speak at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in March, in mind while I explore this part of the world: “Go out and experience the world as much as you can then find your passion … don’t waste your life developing a life plan, instead develop a life philosophy that can be used in any opportunity”. And with that, I’m ready for the next half of this amazing program!


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