Peace Scholar Post: A Week of Cultural Performances and Independent Research by Buay Jacob Tut

A Week of Cultural Performances and Independent Research

Our fourth week, in Oslo has brought about tryouts and rehearsals for the cultural evening festival to be held July 26. At this festival student will get the chance to present the cultural traditions of their home countries in a multicultural fashion, whether it be dance, song, poem or whatever artistic medium one deems appropriate. I’ve enjoyed dance practices with a group of students from all over the world.


This week’s lecture series for our peace seminar focused on the politics of asylum and the reception of refugees. I’ve found the readings and discussion throughout the week really fascinating and informative, as they aligned directly with my interest and research topic.


For our Peace Scholars Seminary, we are required to research a topic of our choice which we are also encouraged to share with friends, family, and colleagues back in the states.


I have chosen to focus on the South Sudanese Refugee experience here in Norway, while also looking at the historical policy shifts and the different stages of the Asylum/Refugee process.


For one of our seminar course excursion we had a chance to visit Torshov Transit center: a transitory camp for Asylum seekers awaiting reply concerning the status of their application for asylum in Norway. Torshov strives to foster an environment conducive to safety, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding.


I have a soft spot in my heart for the people and the organizations that take an interest in and do his kind of selfless work, expecting nothing in return, but the joy of making someone else Happy. As Muhammad Yunus said during his address at the peace Prize forum, “Making other people happy is the supper happiness”


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