Peace Scholar Post: “A Unifying Force Amidst Nobel Laureates” by Yemissrach Melka

A Unifying Force Amidst Nobel Laureates

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

All the Nobel laureates who have received the Nobel Peace Prize have made a number of peaceful contributions in diverse fields but what is the one thing they all share?

“The Power of Ideas: People and Peace”, the theme of the 25th Annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum captured my attention the very first time I read it. After being part of many thought-provoking series of conversations and lectures at the forum, I constantly sought to understand the driving force behind the peaceful actions of the Nobel laureates. I now have come to understand that all of the inspiring Nobel laureates have one thing in common: Ideas.

The Laureates all share the mental curiosity that made them question events in their communities and lead them to pursue and advocate their ideas. In their respective communities, these laureates have generated powerful ideas that have transformed the lives of many. Despite personal and societal restrictions, they chose to secure ideas that have the power to go beyond the narrow confines of human age.

Not only have they produced great ideas, but they have also generated the motivation to put those ideas into practice and through that inspire their communities and the world at large. Through the power of their ideas, the Nobel laureates form an army that is much stronger than the physical army we see in the world, an army of ideas. As we progress in time, it is certain that the laureates will pass away but their ideas will surely travel through the ages.


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