Oslo Explosions

We sit at the other side of the world and listen with confusion and fear about the early reports of the Oslo blast. We have more questions than answers. At first, the personal questions: Are our loved ones safe? Next the questions of cause: Was this intentional, or was it a facility problem with a terrible outcome? Then the questions of disbelief: Oslo, Norway? For decades the seat of international peace efforts large and small? The home of the Nobel Peace Prize? Could this really be an intentional act aimed at a country that has invested so much in building a fairer world? Next the questions of appropriate response: How do we think clearly and act rationally before we know these answers? Finally the questions of personal and social resolve: Regardless of the cause of this blast, how do we investigate and address the deep issues of peace and conflict in a way that markedly diminishes the likelihood of intentional violence occurring in any country or any city in the world?

[photo credit: L.C.Nøttaasen on Flickr]


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