Maureen Reed Attending Nobel Ceremony in Oslo this Week

[Nobel Peace Prize Forum Executive Director Maureen Reed is in Oslo this week for the official Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. We’ll be posting updates from her over the next few days. Visit the website for photos and other coverage throughout the week.]

At this time of the morning, dawn hasn’t even begun to make an appearance. Yet Jonathan Mann is in deep conversation with his CNN producer in the hotel restaurant. He already has one shot under his belt and is discussing logistics for the coverage of the 1pm Nobel ceremony. Still, he takes a few minutes to flash his characteristic smile and speak about his recent conversation with General Secretary Geir Lundestad regarding the 2012 Forum and his own warm experience moderating the Forum. Inquiring about the upcoming 2013 Forum, he takes obvious pleasure in the news that both Muhammad Yunus and Tawakkol Karman will be present. Then he’s off.

But the restaurant is hardly deserted. Europeans in business suits converse in French, Italian, and German. English phrases punctuate the discussion, as they undertake last minute business and prepared for the ceremony this afternoon. It would be fund to just sit, listen and watch, but Eric Schwartz and I are due at a meeting a few blocks down the street with Kjell Magne Bondevik of the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights. Idle observation will wait for a later time.

Maureen Reed, MD
Executive Director
Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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