The Forum Archive: What’s your favorite Nobel Peace Prize Forum memory?

We’re very excited to show off our new Forum Archive page! In it you’ll find a complete listing of event themes and featured speakers, as well as .PDF versions of many speeches and original programs. For those of you who have attended past Forums, the list will surely evoke many memories. What is your favorite or most vivid memory of a past Nobel Peace Prize Forum? Please share them in the comments below. Here’s mine:

The 1992 Forum at Augustana College, when Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel entered the gymnasium at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, a profound and crushing hush fell over the crowd. For me, it seemed almost hard to breathe. Mr. Wiesel’s immeasurable sadness drew all the oxygen out of the room. Yet his words — sorrowful and powerful — gave hope for human redemption and forgiveness. Twenty years later I still find myself transfixed by that experience of being in the presence of greatness.

It’s no wonder that the Nobel Peace Prize Forum has drawn me back year after year. And many of you have told me a similar tale — a tale of finding yourself forever changed by being at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Take a moment to share your tale, won’t you? The world is thirsty for the inspiration that your memories can provide.

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  1. Karen Martin-Schramm says:

    In light of her death this fall, I’ve been thinking a lot of Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai… how she lit up the stage at Luther College with her passion and energy, and then seeing her later at an “embodiment” workshop where she quietly laid down on floor with a hundred-some students in an expression of gratitude and awe for the earth, and the need to help heal that earth. It’s an image that continues to sustain me.

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