Need student volunteers to promote Dessa at NPPF!

We are looking for college student volunteers in the Twin Cities to promote MN hip hop artist Dessa’s session, “Ethics & Hip Hop“ (a presentation + songs!), at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Tasks would include postering, hanging flyers, etc. Volunteers will get a free ticket to Dessa’s session and a backstage pass! Contact us at if you are interested!
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3 Responses to Need student volunteers to promote Dessa at NPPF!

  1. Caitlin McDonald says:

    I tried emailing, but it came back undeliverable.

    My name is Caitlin and I am an MSW student at Augsburg and I would DEFINITELY be interested in
    helping promote Dessa and NPPF!

    Please let me know the next steps I would need to take to be able to help with this event!

    My email address is


    -Caitlin McDonald

  2. Gina Sevick says:

    Let me know how I can help promote!

  3. Brianna says:

    Thanks for the astonishing response to our call for Dessa volunteers! For now it looks like we’ve got the volunteer team we need. So register for the event and other Forum activities. We’ll see you there!

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