Missions and Missions by Maureen Reed

Missions and Missions

In short, a trade mission ought to deliver jobs. At every step and every stop it is designed for Delegates to meet, greet, and repeat. For the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, the Governor’s Trade Mission allowed us to meet and greet the newest member of the Forum’s team.

Rachel Peterson, a Minnesotan by birth, has a decade-long affiliation with the Forum. A decade ago as an undergrad at Luther College, she got hooked on the Forum. It was not hard to get hooked after seeing Northern Ireland’s David Trimble and Doctors Without Boarders in person. But then when the chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Dr. Ole Mjøs personally encouraged her to continue with master’s degree in peace studies at the University of Tromsø, Rachel embarked on what became an eight year international adventure

The initial leg of that international adventure culminated in her becoming the Regional Director for Save the Children in Northern Norway. The second leg begins in August when she brings her international experience back to Minnesota as Program Manager of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

Rachel represents the best of Minnesota internationalism. Fluent in Norwegian, replete with interpersonal expertise, and possessed of a global perspective, she will soon lend these many talents to ourmission of inspiring peacemaking by celebrating the work of Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Watching Rachel in action, meeting and greeting the Minnesota Delegates (http://bit.ly/Xrqjxb) at Oslo’s historic Nobel Peace Center, leaves no doubt that she and we will succeed. Minnesota will be the richer for her return.

Nobel Peace Center 6-2013 Peterson

From L to R: Maureen Reed, Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Rachel Peterson, Save the Children, Kathleen Motzenbecker, Minnesota Trade Office, Julie Langley, Lakselaget

Dr. Maureen Reed, executive director of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, is in Sweden, Norway and Germany this week as a Delegate with the Minnesota Governor’s Trade Mission to Europe. She shares her reflections.

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  1. Maureen,

    It was an honor and a pleasure to have spent time with you as well as our fellow delegates on the Minnesota Trade Mission to Europe. The world becomes a smaller place the more we travel and make connections with our international friends and associates. Highlighting the trip for me was seeing Rachael Peterson, a Lakselaget scholarship recipient, being announced as Program Manager for the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. She is an exceptional young woman, coming back to Minneapolis with years of experience in Norway and will be an asset to you at the NPPF. Congratulations on your new hire! Welcome home Rachel!

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