Laureate Lights: Women Journalists Without Chains

For the next post in our “Laureate Lights” series, we’ve put together a brief over of the Women Journalists without Chains (WJWC) organization, which is a human rights group founded by Tawakkol Karman and seven other female journalists. Founded in 2005, the mission of WJWC is to promote human rights, particularly freedom of opinion and expression. It also aims to improve media efficiency and training for journalists in the country. Since its inception, the organization has evaluated the freedom of the press in Yemen through an annual report. More than 50 cases of unfair attacks against newspapers and journalists have been documented since the work began.

Tawakkol Karman and other female journalists have been the target of harassment by Yemeni authorities as they attempt to stop citizens from legally starting newspapers and radio stations – a huge problem in the country. Karman’s work with WJWC is just one of several ways she is deeply involved in Yemen’s struggle for human rights. She writes frequently for the Al-Thawrah and is also a member of the Yemeni Journalist’s Syndicate.

In 2010 she wrote this letter, which touches on a few interesting points, including freedom of the press in Yemen.

Here are two other articles that describe the work of WJWC: 

Stay tuned for our next post in this series, which will cover recent events in Yemen. Thanks for reading!

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