Hip Hop and Peace Event with Brother Ali and Omar Offendum (3/9/13)

Building on the success of last year’s “Ethics and Hip Hop” event with rapper, singer, and writer Dessa,  the Nobel Peace Prize Forum hosted a special event last night with Minnesota’s own Brother Ali at Syrian-American hip hop artist and activist Omar Offendum. Each artist delivered a TED-style presentation connecting their work to current events and issues of peace and conflict, which included the performance of several songs with a live band.  The crowd of nearly 900 people filled the Kennedy Center at Augsburg College and posed a number of provocative questions during the Q&A with 89.3 The Current’s Andrea Swensson.

You can watch the full event through our Livestream channel:

Watch live streaming video from nobelpeaceprizeforum at livestream.com

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One Response to Hip Hop and Peace Event with Brother Ali and Omar Offendum (3/9/13)

  1. HASS says:

    2 Great Souls right there..
    Humanity (In Arabic) = Human + Intent
    Much respect to these souls. Salute from Saudi

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