Greetings from Oslo!

Hello peacemakers. This morning Paul Pribbenow and I arrived in Oslo for a week of meetings. The purpose of the trip is to discuss ideas and plans for the 2012 Forum, as well as the event’s great potential for enhancing US-Norwegian relations. Our itinerary includes meetings with a variety of interesting people and organizations (and hopefully lots of coffee and gravlaks):

Have a question you’d like us to ask any of these organizations? Post it in the comments section below…

Best regards,

[Photo credit: hmcramer on Flickr]

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One Response to Greetings from Oslo!

  1. Timothy Empkie says:

    Dear Madam Executive Director:

    How can we get one of these Oslo gigs? Jim and Tim in Providence want to know!

    Your servants for peace,

    JH and TE

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