Ethics and Hip Hop: A Discussion with Dessa – Tickets on sale NOW!

The Nobel Peace Prize Forum is Proud to Present

Ethics and Hip Hop: A Discussion with Dessa

Note: this event will take place at Augsburg College in the Kennedy Center

We’re thrilled to announce that on the evening of March 2nd (8:00 PM – 10:00 PM), nationally known rapper, singer, and writer Dessa will be with us for a dynamic presentation, candid conversation, and a mini musical set (!!!). Her presentation, “Mic Lines: Art, Ethics, and their Contested Connections,” will address some of the critical questions facing hip hop today: Do artists have any special moral responsibilities? Is it possible to write conscientious or peace-oriented lyrics without sounding hopelessly cheesy? Does asking rappers to be mindful of their content amount to censorship? She’ll speak about her experiences on stage and backstage, and discuss some of the social and moral dimensions of hip hop: a force for peace with the power unite communities, but burdened with regressive attitudes about homosexuality; a force to prompt social action, but with some objectionable portrayals of women.

This interactive, multifaceted event will include:

  • A TED-style presentation by Dessa
  • An interview with the artist (with a special guest moderator!) and audience Q&A
  • A few songs from Dessa and her full band

Tickets are $15 (general admission). Space is very limited, so register early to attend this unique event. Doors open at 8:00 and the action begins at 8:30.

Official registration site:

*WIN BACKSTAGE PASSES: The first 200 people to buy tickets will be entered in a drawing for two backstage passes, which include dessert with Dessa and her band after the event.

Dessa will also deliver a welcome message earlier in the day to the Nobel Peace Prize Forum’s Education Day participants with Nobel Laureate F.W. de Klerk (1:00 PM on March 2). Visit our program page for complete details and registration information.  

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26 Responses to Ethics and Hip Hop: A Discussion with Dessa – Tickets on sale NOW!

  1. Arthur AND Charlotte Lunow says:

    Am I registered with you, or did I do it twice? After entering my password, the dots disappeared so i typed it again and they disappeard a second time, so do you have all the information you need from me?
    How do I get tickets for the Hip Hop event? And for Britten’s War Requiem? Are there still tickets for both? How many spaces left for Hip Hop? We would like two for each event. $15 each for Hip Hop?
    $21 and $35 for War Requiem? Where are seats at both prices, are both still available, and why would a person get the $35 tickets instead of the $21 ones? Please reply as soon as possible. I want you to get my questions, respond to them a.s.a.p., What does Post Comment mean? Yes, if only for you. Tak!

  2. lizz says:

    just wondering if there are any tickets left for this event (dessa)?

  3. Lisa K says:

    Can we buy tickets to one single event or do we have to pay the $40.00 admission fee as well?

    • Mark says:

      Since the Dessa event is ticketed separately, you don’t need to buy the 40.00 ticket – that’s for the program during the day.

  4. Leah says:

    Will the pre-ordered tickets be available in the Kennedy Center right before the event or do we need to pick them up earlier?

    • Mark says:

      Yes, all tickets will be available at the Kennedy Center. You’ll see a registration table when you walk into the building…

  5. Maya says:

    If you bought a ticket to the Education Day, does it include this event?

    • Mark says:

      Hi. The Dessa event is ticketed separately ($15). We’re sorry if the education page is a bit confusing – I just added a note to the bottom of the page.

  6. Samantha says:

    If something has come up and I cannot make it to the event is it possible to refund my ticket?

  7. Jeremy Norton says:

    Are the tickets ordered available only via the registration desk? I’m not able to print mine via the univ. tickets site, even w/ my order numbe

  8. Terri Hyduke says:

    I purchased tickets to this events, but I believe there are no actual tickets sent. How do I show that I have tickets on Friday? Thanks!!
    Terri H.

  9. Jon says:

    Any chance the “TED-style presentation” will be available online, either live or after the fact?

  10. Susan says:

    Hi! When do you announce the winner of the backstage passes?

  11. Vincent says:

    Can I purchase tickets to the Dessa event at the door? Or must one register & purchase online at

    • Mark says:

      Yes, we are selling tickets at the door, assuming we still have them. I’ll put a notice on the website if we sell out, but I recommend purchasing them in advance.

  12. adam says:

    Can you buy tickets at the door if it’s not sold out?

  13. Philippe Gaillard says:

    I just purchased two tickets for the 8:00pm event tonight (Fr. March 2) at Augsburg, and the purchase shows in my “Order Summary”, but when I go to “Print tickets” there are no tickets to print, so I take it that all I need to do is bring with me the printout of the order summary to the event tonight. Can somebody confirm this?



  14. Deanna says:

    A friend purchased 4 tickets with her credit card for me. She will not be joining us, will the copy of the email suffice?

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