Don’t Blame the Norwegians by Jochen Bittner (New York Times article)

Mr. Michael Roan, one of the founders of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and of the Festival, stays closely in touch with us.  He kindly brought this article from the NY Times to our attention.  In the wake of yesterday’s Nobel announcement, our readers will find it very interesting.

Don’t Blame the Norwegians


“HAMBURG, Germany — AFTER Santa Claus, Geir Lundestad has what may be the most joyful job in the world. Every year, on the second Friday of October at around 10:30 a.m., the suave, gray-haired Norwegian historian picks up his phone to inform a lucky earthling that he or she has just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

On Friday Mr. Lundestad made that call to The Hague, where the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has its headquarters. It is an appropriate choice. True, the organization has only just started its work in Syria, and overall has not done away with many chemical weapons in 2013, but it has achieved much to keep the world free of chemical warfare since its founding in 1997. [read full article]



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