Burroughs Students Prepare for the Festival

Janet Johnson, Teacher from Burroughs Community School sent this report: “Our classroom is getting excited as we prepare for the K-12 Festival. We read a story today about Alfred Nobel, and my first graders each wrote 7-15 facts about his life from the information they heard. By the end of this week, each student will be assigned a Laureate/Organization to learn more about, and he/she will present this information to the rest of our class by the first week of March. We will be very much prepared for the Festival on March 8, as my students will be able to identify at least 25 Peace Prize Laureates.”

A central part of the three day Nobel Peace Prize Forum, the K-12 Festival is a special morning of programming designed specifically for younger students. The 2013 Festival (March 8) is sold out, but if you are interested in remote participation, or being placed on a waiting list, please contact Erika Herrmann at herrmann@augsburg.edu. Click here to join our email list.

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