A Nobel Cause

We hope you saw the great story in the recent Star Tribune, A Nobel Cause: Photographing the Winners, about Doug Knutson, the official photographer of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Laureates for many years.  When we caught up with him now, he had this to say about what it has meant to him to photograph these remarkable people and how he is thinking about President de Klerk a his next subject.

“The first Nobel Peace Laureate to sit with me for a portrait was Betty Williams of Northern Ireland at the 1991 Forum at Luther College.  My second was ten minutes later – Oscar Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica. This year I am hoping to get my 21st Nobel Peace Portrait from a photo session with President de Klerk. Preparing for the portraits, meeting the Laureates and listening to their presentations is a great education about the world and the human condition!”

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