“A Great Opportunity for a Young Yemeni!” by Ibrahim Al-Hajiby, Intern

It was my privilege to meet and have a discussion with Mrs. Marianne Aasen, a Member of the Norwegian Parliament and Chair of the Standing Committee on Education, Research, and Church Affairs. Mrs. Aasen expressed her great interest in the Nobel Peace Prize Forum by meeting with the NPPF interns and organizers.

I had a chance to ask Mrs. Aasen a couple of questions that have been coming to my mind as I continue my work with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. One of these questions was in regard to Mrs. Karman’s accomplishments in encouraging Yemeni and Muslim women in their pursuit of equality in their communities, which in turn has inspired women across the Middle East and the world to be a part of this widespread political change. Mrs. Aasen mentioned in our conversation that gender equality is a fundamental aspect for the economic success of any country; gender equality means a more educated and qualified population who will be capable of eradicating poverty and illiteracy. Norway is a great example!

I strongly believe that achieving gender equality in my country and other parts of the world will greatly contribute to solving many other issues that the world is suffering from.

I also asked Mrs. Aasen if the Norwegian government has been thinking about investing in young Arab women through educational and exchange programs, because I have experienced the great benefits of such programs as a former exchange student with the YES program. Mrs. Aasan did greatly welcome such initiatives and said that this is something that the Norwegian government might be looking into in the near future.

Ibrahim Al-Hajiby
Intern, Nobel Peace Prize Forum 

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4 Responses to “A Great Opportunity for a Young Yemeni!” by Ibrahim Al-Hajiby, Intern

  1. Jon Swenson says:

    Proud that you’re involved Ibrahim.Goodwork!

  2. I agree with Mr. Al-Hajiby. Not only educating women in the Arab world including Yemen will minimize poverty, women would be financially independent, and they can use all the available resources efficiently.
    Additionally, they will raise their children in a happy and productive environment. As well as taking more responsibilities in their community which in return will improve the economy in the long run.

  3. Abdulrzaq Ali says:

    Good work Ibrahim

  4. Ali Aldahra says:

    Great work!
    I agree. It’s their right acquire, however we should start by educating men how important that part in our society generally and in their family particularly.

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