“Come and be inspired!” by Katie Storlie, Intern

“Come and be inspired!” What a simple, yet powerful tag line In the last few weeks the K-12 Festival of the Noble Peace Prize Forum has been extending invitations to local schools to be a part of the 2013 programming. Our team has been busy brainstorming how we can best inspire peace in the students we reach on the day of the festival. Placing calls to extend an invitation has been more powerful than I expected. I have been so encouraged by the responses to our invitations. Living in a community of educators and professionals that want to instill peace within their students is so humbling.

When extending the invitation to “Come and be Inspired” to others, I took some time to think what that invitation means to me as a member of the planning committee and future educator. My hope is that by inspiring peace in the students of my community, I see the impact when I am an educator. Being able to be a large part of the planning and foundation laying of a peaceful future for our students is what is making me inspired!

Katie Storlie
Intern, Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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